Friday, November 13, 2020

Peter's #R51-3. #forsaleatscottiesworkshop We've decided to address a torn dust shroud on the lower part of the bevel drive side plunger. It's a common problem that can be mitigated by replacing the rubber bumper with a worn out 11 34 0 026 118 r50/60 outer valve spring. Plungers are massive fun for touring on smooth roads, in my humble opinion. The bike is a mere 22,000 clams. Why would you want or need 22,000 clams? Unless you're having a clam party. Anyways. You're better off with this old BMW so call me and buy it. #dreamyriding #sporttouring ##forsaleatscottiesworkshop #scottiesworkshop #Vintagebmwmotorcycles

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