Saturday, February 18, 2017

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Friday, February 03, 2017

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

For Sale: 1975 R90S

Scottie's Workshop purchased this R90S at 22k miles from the original owner's son-in-law with all records and a lovely set of Krauser luggage with keys, all the factory keys, all the original manuals, original tool kit, and service records since zero miles. It was sent over to San Jose BMW in the early 80's to receive:

  • Dual plugs and Dyna ignition
  • San Jose upper and lower fork braces
  • Stainless steel brake lines
  • Lester wheels
  • Corbin seat

Scottie's Workshop stripped the bodywork off the bike and serviced the electrical system, replacing any weathered connectors and installing a new Oydessey heavy duty cranking gel battery. Also, the following work was performed:

  • Service II by Scottie's Workshop (The wheel and chassis bearings were serviced. Brakes were adjusted and bled. New fluids throughout the entire bike. New plugs, valve adjustment, carb adjustment and balance, and dynamic timing adjustment.)
  • Body work was treated to new Glasurit Daytona paint and stripes in our paint shop. 
  • New Gustaffsen screen 
  • Rebuilt gauges by Palo Alto Speedometer and a new reproduction unit gauge cluster housing and glass lenses and rubber hoods. All new cluster bulbs. 
  • Extensive list of rubber items and cables was replaced.
  • New complete Keihan stainless steel exhaust system

In the year or so that I've had the bike, I've personally put about 2,500 trouble free (and thrilling!) miles on this bike. It owns the road, gets thumbs up everywhere, goes where ever you point it, and sounds thrilling. Bridgestone tires are in good condition with about 2,500 miles on them.

If you are looking for a show quality, low miles R90S that needs nothing, look no further.  Scottie's Workshop will fully detail this bike to concours condition prior to sale, install brand new tires (buyer's choice), and will ship worldwide.

Asking $14,950 or best offer.

For more details, contact Scottie at 408-475-BMW6.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sold!: Meier Sporttank 6.5 gallon for "/2"


Condition is good
Paint has some crazing
Comes with emblems, cap as pictured
Interior redkote is worn, but there no rust (see last photo taken through the filler opening)
Asking $2000 or best offer
For details, contact Scottie at 408-475-BMW6

Saturday, January 28, 2017

SOLD! Steib LS200 sidecar

This LS200 is in good mechanical condition. The paint is fair to good and there is little to no rust. Located in Santa Clara CA.  Buyer must pickup - will not ship. Asking $3500 or best offer.   Contact Scottie at 408-475-BMW6 for more details.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Joe and the $50 Bonus

Joe and the $50 Bonus

One of Joe's first jobs was working at a precision tool and die shop. Joe was detail oriented and spent a lot of time at his desk, pouring over his boss' drawings, sometimes redrawing them from scratch to his own liking.

"Joe! Just use my drawings! I can't have you wasting time!" said his boss. "So get to work!"

One Thursday morning, Joe's boss handed Joe some drawings and said "We need this done Friday! I have to deliver to a customer on Monday." 

Joe took the drawings and started to look them over.  

His boss immediately swatted the paper out of his hands. "Joe! Just build the die! Get to work!"

Once his boss was out of the room, Joe looked over the drawings. This particular die was designed to punch holes in a thick sheet of metal and then, in a second step, bend the metal along a fold. Once finished, it was essential to have the holes line up precisely with other parts. 

When Joe reviewed the plans, he noticed that the boss had made a calculation error in the way the metal folded that would have made the holes not line up properly.  Made according to the plans, this die would not have worked! 

"That's because, when you fold metal, you have to realize that the metal on the inside of the fold will bunch up, and the metal on the outside of the fold will stretch," Joe explained. "This moves all the metal around it." 

"His holes would not have lined up!" 

So Joe decided to play a little trick on his boss. 

He secretly corrected the plans and worked diligently all day Thursday and Friday and completed making the die. When tested, it worked correctly!

On Friday, the boss asked if the die was ready and Joe said he had finished but there was a problem. Made according to the plans, the die placed the holes in the wrong position.

Joe's boss let out a cry.  "Argh!  This is an important deal Joe! What can be done?"

Joe offered a solution: "Well, if I work all day Saturday and all day Sunday, I can redraw the plans and make another die and we can still get it delivered on Monday."

"You would do that?!" his boss said. "If you do that, I will pay you overtime for all the hours you work this weekend.

"Well," said Joe, "I normally make $4 per hour, so you will pay me $6 per hour for two days, or 16 hours?"

"Joe," his boss said, "If you can get it done and save this deal, I'll do it."

"Wow!" said Joe. "That's $96. I could sure use that money, but I will make you a deal, boss."

"What's that?" asked his boss. 

"How about you pay me $50 for catching your error," Joe said with a smile and plunked the working die on the table. "Here is the working die. There is no mistake in it.  I noticed the mistake in your drawings and I made the die correctly." 

His boss' eyes went wide and he took a deep breath. He grabbed Joe's hand and shook it vigorously and both men had a big laugh. 

From that point forward, Joe was permitted to review all drawings entering his shop and he went into the weekend $50 richer.