Wheel Bearing Shim Kits

Note: we are out of stock on ALL sizes of shim kits. We have not yet gotten the punch press up and running to make more shims but we anticipate we'll get some time to do that this coming winter. Please check back next summer (or subscribe to this website) for updates and will will post a notice when the parts are back in stock. 

For decades, Duane Ausherman has served the BMW Motorcycle community with his excellent BMW Motorcycle web site http://w6rec.com

He has a page about servicing wheel bearings at http://w6rec.com/duane/bmw/wheel_bearing/  

If you endeavor to service your own wheel bearings, print out that page for your shop and follow his instructions. 

For many years Duane also provided wheel bearing shims kits through the mail, and Duane's page still references obtaining wheel bearings from him.   However, he recently asked me to take over providing wheel bearing shim kits and I accepted.  

When you order a shim kit from Scottie's Workshop,  you will receive the same shims Duane describes on his web site.  Each kit of shims includes

Qty 2 -- 0.002"   
Qty 2 -- 0.003"
Qty 1 -- 0.005"

The shim kits come in two diameter sizes (large) for /2 and (small) for /5/6/7 and R26-27.  When ordering, please specify which kit you want.

The variety of shims in the kit allows adding length to the inside spacer from .002" up to .015", in increments of .001". 

To get your shim kit(s), order via mail OR Paypal: 



  1. A self addressed stamped envelope
  2. A check made payable to "Scottie's Workshop, 2102 Walsh Ave., Suite H, Santa Clara CA 95050" 
  3. Specify a preference for which shim kit you desire: /2  OR   /5/6/7 (R26/27)  shim size.
(Enclose $21.95, which includes tax, for each shim kit desired. E.g., if you want two kits, send $43.90.   If you are located outside the United States or its territories where first class mail is delivered, please enclose an additional $5 shipping for a total of USD$26.95 per order.)

.....OR .....  


Use the button below. Paypal will send me your shipping address, so make certain it is correct when you checkout.  

Note: we are out of stock on 5-6-7 size shim kits. Please check back often or subscribe for updates and will will post a notice when the parts are back in stock.  At this time, only /2 size shim kits are avail.

Please choose shim diameter

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