Powerdynamo Ignition and Charging Systems

Scottie's Workshop is pleased to offer Powerdynamo Ignition and Charging systems for BMW Motorcycles, Isetta and 700.

Unlike stand alone 12v alternator upgrades, the Powerdynamo system offers both a charging output of 12V/150-180W DC and a state-of-the-art fully integrated solid state ignition, replacing all of your existing old, worn out ignition and charging system.   The system has no moving parts, brushes, electrical points, or regulator contacts to adjust or wear out.  It eliminates your old points, condensor, advance mechanism, and voltage regulator ... making your new ignition and charging system strong, accurate and reliable.

The Ignition section is magneto based with its own power supply. The system can be run with or without a battery.  It replaces your old magneto unit, often troublesome /2 coil, often worn out /2 centrifugal advance unit, points and condenser.

The Charging section features a contactless alternator and solid state voltage regulator.  No brushes. If you plan to run without a battery, the supplied solid state voltage regulator has a built-in smoothing condenser to reduce headlamp flickering at low RPM (so you will not need an external condenser). The system typically has enough power output at idle to keep the lights on, albiet somewhat dimmer than at running speed.  Since the system puts out 12v you can upgrade your bulbs to 12v (we also offer complete bulb kits with or without Hella bar end flashers). We even offer a 12v H4 halogen upgrade if you are really serious about lighting! Your lights will burn strong and bright, making night riding fun and making you more visible during the day.

Does not require changes on crankcase.  The installation is reversible. No permanent changes are made to your engine or frame. 

Install it yourself, or have Scottie's Workshop install it. We specialize in custom and clean aircraft-quality installations.

All the 12v components are out of sight behind the front engine cover or tucked under the tank.  Even on R25 models, since no battery is required, the components can be hidden inside a faux battery case. In most cases, it is virtually impossible to tell that a Powerdynamo is installed, even on show bikes. (On Singles, the new alternator housing is exposed, and being made of aluminum, it may appear "newer" than the rest of your engine.) The difference you will notice is how much easier the bike starts and runs,  the elimination of any further ignition/timing maintenance or adjustments, and a much improved lighting system.

The ignition system uses a magnetic contactless ignition sensor on the crankshaft which not only eliminates wear between crank and cam influencing ignition, but also frees the space previously occupied by the magneto to install the new ignition coil in that spot. Static timing is a snap. Just line up the sensor with the line inscribed on the new alternator and you're done. Final adjustment can be done with a strobe lamp after the engine is running. 

Benefits of the Powerdynamo
  • All new parts
  • Solid state ignition and advance
  • More light output, converts all lighting to 12v (when you call, ask us about 6v horn considerations)
  • Dead stable ignition timing, forever
  • Better starting, better economy
  • No moving parts to wear out, no points, no advance mechanism. 
  • Cheaper than replacing several failed or worn components in the stock system (see below - Cost Considerations) 
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Clear assembly instructions (or have Scottie's Workshop install it!)
Cost Considerations

When assisting a customer in determining if he or she should install a Powerdynamo, we like to inspect the existing system to determine what parts have failed, and what is worn, or about to fail.

If one is faced with the prospect of replacing a single component in a faulty charging or ignition system, it may be advantageous to simply replace that one part (such as a bad coil, for example). However if one is facing multiple faulty or worn components, it may be advantageous to simply purchase and install the Powerdynamo system, since it's cost is comparable to two or more faulty components, it replaces ALL charging and ignition system components with new parts, and it is maintenance free, truly set it and forget it.

Scottie's Workshop is one of the nation's largest installers of Powerdynamo systems on vintage and classic BMWs. We are expert installers and we can also sell you a Powerdynamo system from our inventory. We work on twins, singles, and Isettas!

Call us for a free estimate!

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