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Full Service BMW Motorrader Machine Shop

Our retail and wholesale customers rely on Scottie's Workshop for components repair and restoration: cylinder heads, engines, crankshafts, transmissions, final drives, drive shafts, etc.

We are happy to work with home restorers and other motorcycle shops. We are happy to work with rough, badly damaged or barn find items, and we enjoy sending them back to you as good as new!

We specialize in servicing BMW Motorcycle and Isetta components, but we are willing to consider working on projects for other makes and models. Call us!

Here are some of the services we provide. If you don't see what you are looking for, call us!
  • Pre-1970 Press-fit Crankshaft repair and restoration
  • Bearing journal, taper and shaft repairs (plasma welding and OD Grinding)
  • Cylinder Head Repairs and restoration: seat replacement, exhaust thread repair
  • Aluminum Case Repairs - cracks, stripped threads, fly cutting (decking), etc.
  • Cylinder Boring and honing 
  • Transmission repair and restoration
  • Final Drive repair, including ring gear and wheel hub spline replacement
  • Driveshaft universal joint replacement 
  • Flywheel lightening
  • Cam follower bore sleeve replacement
  • Wheel building
  • Drum brake upgrades (for higher braking performance)
  • Disc brake installations front and rear (for Earles fork bikes and others)
  • Other cool custom projects
Our Shop Equipment includes:
  • Bridgeport 2J Varispeed milling machine
  • Hardinge HC lathe
  • Harrison 13x40 SAE/Metric Screw Cutting Engine Lathe
  • Van Norman brake drum lathe
  • Van Norman valve face grinder
  • Van Norman boring bar
  • K.O. Lee surface grinder
  • K.O. Lee universal (tool and cutter) grinder
  • Sunnen honing machine
  • Miller Dynasty 300 TIG 
  • Miller Millermatic 135 MIG
  • Castolin Eutectic Rototec Rotary Plasma Welder
  • Assorted Metrology equipment by Starrett, Brown & Sharp, Tesa 
  • 50 Ton hydraulic press
  • 2 Ton arbor press

Transmission Repairs and Restoration (4-speed, 5-speed and Isetta)

Custom projects


Custom Machining

Cam follower bore sleeve replacement (bronze)

Cylinder head exhaust thread repair/replacement

Crankshaft rebuilding
Crankshaft Rebuilding

Crankshaft Rebuilding

Crankshaft rebuilding (calculating fore and aft crank bearing shims)

Crankshaft Rebuilding - a newly rebuilt R60/2 crankshaft

High Performance drum brake upgrades (turning new friction linings on the lathe to match the drum)

Cylinder head repairs and rebuilding (honing valve guides)

Cylinder Boring and Honing

Magneto Repair and Restoration
Advance Mechanism Repair and Calibration

Steering Damper friction disc replacement

Precision Grinding

Harrison 600 13x40 Metric Engine Lathe

Bridgeport 2J Varispeed Milling Machine

Ring Gear Spline Repair/Replacement

Cam Follower Bore Sleeve Replacement

Ring Gear Shaft Repair (R11)

Cosmetic Repair on a wheel hub

Cylinder Head Hardened Seat Replacement (for unleaded fuels)

Final Drive Repairs and Restoration

Final Drive Repairs and Restoration
Engine Test Stand (We test run and tune all of our complete engines.)

Custom Earles fork disc brake upgrades (your choice of components)

Boring and honing

Rear disc brake upgrade on a /2

Spline Replacement

Scottie's Workshop is your one-stop shop for precision repair and restoration of BMW machine shop repairs. Call us for a free estimate.  408 475 2696

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