Driveline Services

Transmission Restoration / Repair Services (If you need a transmission immediately, or don't want to wait for yours to be repaired, we'll take yours as a core and sell you a perfect rebuilt one)
  • Disassembly
  • Parts are measured, photographed for evaluation and to determine if parts should be replaced or reused. Parts that often wear are bushings, shafts (splines), gears (pitting and chipping on hardened surfaces, etc.)
  • Water (rust) damage
  • New Bearings, Viton seals and Gaskets
  • We do not bend forks. If shift forks are out of adjustment, I recommend upgrading to /5 eccentric fork adjusters
  • Shaft spacing and shimming
  • Option to bead blast/clean cases.  After disassembly, the cases are emptied of shafts and gears and sealed with spun aluminum plugs (to prevent contamination of internals with media); blasted with clean beads and then thoroughly cleaned with soap and water. 
  • Assembly, spacing, bench testing
Final Drive
  • Disassembly, removal of all gears, seals and bearings. Inspection and decision to resuse bearings or renew
  • Removal of center shaft, repair of inside seal surface on ring gear, replacement of inside seal
  • Modification of needle bearings for increased oil flow
  • Application of Hylomar non-hardening sealer on splines and seal collar threads
  • Shimming/spacing of ring and pinion
  • Assembly, proper torque application and sealing of case
Drive Shaft - send us your driveshaft and we'll replace the u-joint.  We'll keep your core and send you an immediate replacment of an entire unit (we normally keep some in stock) if you wish
  • U-joint renewal
  • Evaluation, renewal or cleanup of tapers on shaft and bell

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