Restoration Services & The "Duchess Motorcycles" line

Scottie's Workshop repairs, refurbishes and restores a lot of vintage BMW motorcycles.

From thorough mechanical services aimed just at "getting her back on the road"... to exhaustive, concours-level restorations, Scottie's Workshop can provide the service your bike needs, within your budget.

For those who must have the very best, a small percentage of the bikes we restore are eligible to wear the Duchess Motorcycles badge.

A Duchess Motorcycles is a BMW that has been restored to Scottie's very highest standards of quality and exacting attention to detail.  Every component of the bike is refurbished or renewed to a level exceeding "showroom condition" and the bike is built and tested to better than new standards. All Duchess Motorcycles have photo-documented builds and come with a Build Journal, including a CD-ROM of photographs, and each receives a unique Duchess Series Number. These motorcycles typically have their freshly restored speedometers reset to "0" miles when they roll off our build bench, but are typically delivered with 50-100 miles as Scottie prefers personally breaking them and performing the first break-in service prior to delivery.

In order for a restoration project to wear the Duchess Motorcycles label, an exhaustive list of required Duchess restoration procedures must be performed before Scottie will issue the motorcycle its own Duchess Motorcycles Serial Number.

Generally this includes a total engine rebuild, including rebuilding the crankshaft with new rods, big end bearings and wrist pin bushings and chromed journals, new or resurfaced cam and followers, complete transmission rebuild, complete carburetor rebuild, Scottie's high performance brake upgrade, brake hub truing, glass bead refinishing and polishing of all aluminum cases and hubs, complete cosmetic restoration (including new or replated chrome and cadmium items; all frame, brackets and sheet metal straightened, trued, stripped, sprayed in single stage Glasurit laquer; then hand striped), every rubber item replaced, all chassis electric items replaced or upgraded, all engine electrics renewed or refurbished, rims weld-repaired, straightened and polished; wheels relaced, and so much more...

What separates the Duchess Motorcycles from other motorcycles restored or refurbished at Scottie's Workshop is not the level of quality or attention garnished on the bike. All motorcycles passing through Scottie's Workshop receive the same treatment when in our care. Rather, motorcycles that have received all the procedures are eligible for the Duchess label.  It is a mark of quality that establishes that the bike is essentially completely new, or rebuilt as new.

There is no additional fee required to receive a Duchess Motorcycles Series Number Badge or Documentation. This is provided to the owner upon completion of a restoration meeting the requirements of Duchess Motorcycles. In addition to the certificate of authenticity provided in the ownership binder, every Duchess Motorcycles is documented on our web site, with VINs, so that they may be identified and verified in the future.

Project approval requires a contract describing the Motorcycle Year, Model, VINs, detailed description of work and procedures to be performed, repairs or upgrades to be made (if any), modifications to be performed (if any), time frame forecast, additional services (such as delivery, etc.), payment schedule, method of status updates (e.g., sending email updates weekly with photos of the build), terms and legalese.

Whether  your mission is to have a awesome running bike, a fresh paint job, get Dad's bike back on the road, or win the Concours D'elegance, the choice is easy: Scottie's Workshop.

Call Scottie to discuss your needs and receive a free estimate.

List of Completed Duchess Series Motorcycles


What follows is a list of steps that we typically move through when restoring a motorcycle at the workshop. Cost estimates may vary at each step. Call us for a free estimate.
  • The motorcycle, be it a "basket case" or a running machine. (If you don't have a bike, Scottie's can help obtain the bike of your dreams to restore.)
  • Measure frame for straightness, and correct if necessary
  • Disassembly
  • Categorize parts to be restored or replaced with new
  • Prep, cleaning parts
  • Repair, welding or replacement of centerstand and/or side stand
  • Tank Etching and Redkote
  • Bodywork and sheet metal repair and welding, rear fender hinge replacement
  • Paint and Stripes 
  • New Parts 
  • Chrome & Cadmium Plating
  • Used Parts
  • Hub truing, brakes
  • Wheel bearings, swing arm bearings
  • Rim Straightening and Polishing, Wheel Building, Tires & Tubes
  • Headlamp electrics, switches and wiring
  • Pipes
  • Signals
  • Crash Bars
  • Racks
  • Seating
  • Emblems, mirrors, switches, key, pump
  • Rubber Parts (Pegs, Grips, Grommets, Gaskets, etc)
  • Motor (See Motor Rebuilding and Services)
  • Transmission
  • Drive shaft, splines and tapers
  • Final Drive
  • Cables, Controls, and bars
  • Wiring Harness, lamps

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