Engine Services

Considerations for Vintage BMW Engine Building
  • Scottie's to remove engine, or customer?  Will the engine be removed and shipped complete or with the top end disassembled/removed?  
  • Considerations and instructions for shipping your engine and transmission to Scottie's Workshop (We do offer crate rental.)
    • Drain Oil
    • Clean Exterior cases free of loose dirt and oil
    • Wrap all parts in oil tight plastic bags 
    • Box each item separately - or ensure that items will not bang into one another
    • Ensure exterior of box is clean and not oil stained
    • Double box with 2" of padding between interior and exterior box - you can put many small boxes inside a larger box, for example

  • Cylinder bore and piston inspection. Scottie's will inspect to determine if pistons will be reused or renewed. Rings, bore and hone, etc.  We also offer nikasil plating.

  • Head inspection: Scottie's will disassemble and clean cylinder heads, and inspect. Will determine what further work and/or parts are required and provide an estimate: Valves, seats, guides, springs, retainers, etc. Decision to repair worn exhaust threads, crushed head bolt towers (butter heads), cracks, broken fins, etc. Vapor blasting.   Performance upgrades, such as lightweight valves, heavier springs, grinding/lightening of rocker arms, lightweight titanium valve adjustment hardware, porting and polishing, etc. 

  • Carburetor rebuilding, repairing damaged or cracked carburetor bodies, repairing worn threads, fitting/honing slide bores, boring larger throats, replacing worn or cosmetically damaged hardware, flycutting flange faces

  • Inspect and measure block (to determine squareness of cylinder faces, compression of timing gear spacing, condition of gasket sealing surfaces, oil galley cleaning, crash damage assessment, etc.

  • Measuring crank for run out, worn rod bearings, undersized or damaged journals, worn or damaged tapers or sealing surfaces, worn or damaged wrist pin bushings, damaged internal threads, etc.  Crank rebuild/repair, balancing. Rods, bearings, journals, chroming, precision grinding.  We rebuild crankshafts in house. If crank is repaired or ground, spacing of crank fore/aft will need to be recalculated and spacers machined or replaced. 

  • Block repair, such as repairing broken studs and stripped threads to repairing severe crash damage. 

  • Slingers, crank bearings, camshaft bearings and retaining screws.  
  • Measure rear bearing mount in case and replace if required
  • Inspect cam followers to determine if they need to be renewed or refaced, oversized cam followers
  • Inspect cam to determine if it needs to be renewed or refurbished
  • RHS Oil galley drilling of early blocks
  • Solvent cleaning of block and other castings to remove all sludge
  • Vapor blasting cases (cases are sealed to eliminate media contamination, then blasted and cleaned again with high pressure soap and water)

  • Gasket kit, Viton seal upgrades, Rubber grommets and other bits
  • Refreshing engine electrics, bench testing magneto/coil,  bench testing generator and voltage regulator and adjusting output voltage, if necessary, renewing brushes, points 
  • Testing magneto and advance mechanism on truing stand for run out, and correcting or renewing, if necessary
  • Cleaning all internal hardware, ignition parts, timing and oil pump gears, etc in solvent
  • Replacing advance cam grease felt and spring 
  • Replace all woodruff keys, checking for damage to woodruff key slots, and repairing if necessary 
  • Replace nut locking tabs on oil pump and flywheel
  • Replace missing wavy washer springs on rear main seal oil retainer and oil breather timing plate (if missing)
  • Reassembly, installation of crank, timing gears, flywheel, engine electrics, etc.
  • Bench-running fresh engine installations when it is not possible to test the motor in-situ

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