Isetta and 700

Scottie's Workshop provides a full array of repair, maintenance and restoration services for BMW Isetta 300, 600 and 700. Our specialty is vintage BMW motorcycle repair and restoration, but we are uniquely equipped to service and restore Isetta 300, 600 and 700.  We can provide complete engine services including slinger cleaning and crank rebuilding, boring/honing and cylinder head rebuilding, transmission and chain drive unit repairs and restorations. We also offer upholstery, bodywork and paint and stripes. Please call us for a free quote.

We specialize in award-winning, show-quality Glasurit Paint.

Upholstery and rag top fabrication

Scottie's Workshop specializes in vintage BMW motorcycle and Isetta repair, maintenance and restoration.

We are a full service machine shop offering cylinder boring, head repairs and restoration, aluminum welding and complete engine- and transmission-building services. 

BMW 600 engine rebuilt, ready to be delivered 

BMW Isetta 4 speed with reverse, just opened for rebuilding

Marty displays his restored Isetta 300 chain drive

Neil's 700 Cabriolet

Neil's 700 Cabriolet took first place at 2017 Legends of The Autobahn, Monterey CA

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