Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Randy's R60/2 - Initial overview

The owner of this Slash Two is very nice fellow named Randy. I had a chance to chat with Randy about his short term goals for the bike, and also give it a once over.

Randy says the motor was built by Joe Groeger.  The rest of the bike looks mechanically sound.  There are some cosmetic blemishes that Randy is ok with...for now.  His main goal is to make this bike into a driver that he can enjoy on a regular basis.

I've arranged with him to perform a reasonable mechanical inspection of the bike and assemble anything that is currently disassembled. When required, I'll be installing new parts.

  • Assemble bars and controls and grips
  • Install Tank and lines
  • Build and install carburators
  • Install air cleaner assembly and intake tubes
  • Install battery
  • Adjust brakes and bed new brake shoes
  • Fix adjust horn
  • Check differential timing, valve adjustment, magneto functions and brushes, points
  • Clean, inspect and grease Earles swing arm, steering head, rear swing arm, wheel bearings
  • Repair a broken center stand and side stand
  • Procure and install mirrors
  • Repair a bent rear brake rod
  • Install new tires and tubes, balance wheels
  • Repair and install Denfield solo seat
  • Tune and test 

Let's have a look around and see what needs to be done. 

Looks like the Intake boots will need to be replaced.

Carb intake boots cracked. 

The Brown side stand is missing some parts and someone tried to weld the main hinge bracket to the frame. Also, the main bracket is bent. Will need to consult with Randy to see if he wants to grind off the stuff on the frame and procure a good used Brown stand. 

Brown stand bracket bent was previously welded to frame.  :-(

Some light fixes to the Denfield seat bracket are also on the menu. I centered the pivot bushing and reweleded the cracked seat frame.   

Denfield Seat bracket bushing is off - center.

Bushing centered.  NBD!

Denfield seat bracket weld is cracked.
 Denfield seat bracket repaired.

The toe pin on the center stand was busted and bent so I enlisted Blaise's help to torch the pin and bend it back straight.  Then I was able to reweld the pin into its proper location in the center stand.  Blaise has a PhD in metal.

Center stand toe pin repair.

More to come....

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