Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Replacing brake shoe linings on a BMW /2 Motorcycle

It's not often you replace your brake linings.  They really last a long time. However you should inspect them every time you have the wheel off to make sure that they are clean and dry, and not too worn.

These are getting a little thin.  See how close they are to the rivet?    
The rivets are made from copper which is a soft metal which will not damage the brake drum. 
New Brake Linings. These are new old stock OEM from West Germany when Germany had an East and West, however you can also buy raw lining material and cut your own. The benefit of cutting your own material is that the performance is GREATLY improved due to the new technology employed in the friction surfaces.

Several different kinds of brake linings for /2. My current favorite is the VB3000 lining from Vintage Brake in Sonora CA.

To remove the old shoes, use a SHARP 1/8" drill bit to drill out the head of the rivet. You only want to remove the head. Do no drill too far. Don't damage the shoes, or enlarge the hole in the shoes.  You can also use a lever to pry off the old brake shoe, breaking it apart. Use side cutters to remove the loose rivets.
Clean shoe and line up the new lining.
Grab yo self a box o rivets.
The rivets are inserted with the heads on the lining side.  From underneath, a center punch held in a vice supports the rivet head.

Squeeze the pad to the shoe when peening the rivet. Make sure it is tight!

You can use a pop rivet tool to start the rivet, however I recommend hand-peening to get maximum tightness. I made a small peening tool to form the rivet head, however hand-peening with a ball-peen hammer is perfectly acceptable.

Stock linings last a long time!  I think that date is 12/66 !!
Looking so fine!
When reattaching shoes to the front brake, don't forget to attach the small lever return spring.
And the other side.
The brakes are ready to install.
And I'm ready to call it a day!
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