Sunday, September 21, 2014

Scottie's Workshop Shock Absorbers for /2 Motorcycles

In case anyone is in the market for a new shock, I have been working with Works Performance on developing a new shock for /2. The requirements of the shock were to address the shortcomings of the current choices: Boges are soft at low speed, but wallow at greater than 65 mph, whereas the Koni's are somewhat the opposite: hard at low speeds and better at high speeds. My main complaint with the Mobile Traditions shocks are they they tend to "wallow" on bumpy sweepers at much higher speeds - over perhaps 65 mph. If you like to travel at higher speeds and want the high speed control and stability offered by the Konis, but want a normally plush ride at lower speeds, you'll like these shocks.

These new shocks are handmade in California with an aluminum body, viton seals, much thicker chromed shaft, and they are rebuildable. The dampening is quite soft at low speeds and much firmer at higher speeds. I have eliminated the "mini doughnut" cushions in favor of a high compliance progressive cone. I have been really pleased with the performance both around town and on high speed runs. 

Each set (2 front and 2 rear) are $950 per set, plus shipping. Call the shop at 408-475-2696 for more info. 

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