Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tire Suggestions

At Scottie's Workshop, we regularly use two common tire brands on /2 era BMWs. 

Avon Am26 Roadrider for all kinds of riding. Quiet, smooth, very very good traction. Great braking. Good in the wet. No real complaints. 

Heidenau K34 - for that "vintage look".  A good show tire for concours events.  Very soft riding - even a bit squirmy. Squeals under braking.  Will "hunt" and "track" rain grooves aggressively. Inferior to the Avon at over 50mph. But they look great! 

Both tires are about $100 each. 

For older bikes, we will either use the Avon AM26 for regularly ridden bikes, or the Avon Speedmaster II front and rear combination for show bikes. 

Got a favorite tire suggestion for Vintage BMWs?  Let us know in the comments!

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