Monday, January 09, 2017

Shop made tools: castellated nut socket

Special tools are very helpful in certain situations. The challenge with most castellated nut sockets is that they typically four points. The sockets slip off the nut, or the points become rounded or break off. I wanted to build a socket that encapsulates the nut, can't slip off, and has replaceable points in case of wear or breakage.  The socket has a standard 1/2" square drive.

If you would like one of our sockets, they are $249.95 plus shipping.  Please call us to place an order.

Holes are located and drilled on the Bridgeport using the DRO. The holes are slightly smaller than the pins chosen to fit into them.

The ID and OD of the socket is shaped on the lathe.

The pins are inserted.

This socket is designed for an M14 castle nut.  

The nut is held securely by the socket which can't slip off.

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