Friday, May 12, 2017

BMW /2 Suspension Spring Specifications

BMW produces four different suspension springs for the /2:  There are different springs Front and Rear.  And for each position, BMW produces a spring designed for either Solo or Sidecar use.

The length and geometry of the front and rear springs is pretty close. You can use a front spring in the rear and vice-versa. For example, a little extra firmness in your suspension can be obtained by installing rear solo springs in the front and rear of your motorcycle.

A little extra firmness can also be obtained by running Scottie's Workshop Dual Valve High Pressure Gas Shocks.

Big thanks to Michael Cecchini and Ted Porter for his research on spring rates.

Factory Recommended PositionTypePreload (inches)Next 1" Travel (inch/lbs)From 2-3" (inch/lbs)From 3-4" (inch/lbs)Average spring rate (inch/lbs)

Factory Recommended PositionTypeWire Diameter(mm)Length (mm)ID (mm)OD (mm)

Factory Recommended PositionTypePart No.Scottie's Price
FrontSolo31 41 2 054 00731.95
RearSolo33 53 3 054 28438.45
FrontSidecar31 41 2 054 00934.95
RearSidecar33 53 3 054 28640

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