Saturday, March 09, 2024

From his shop in France, Christophe sent some photos of one of our off-the-shelf refurbished transmissions we crated and shipped to him for his #r51-3 . All our transmissions are rebuilt to like-new standards with new bearings, springs, clips, seals and gaskets. We set the upper and lower shift stops, adjust the forks, set end play, polish sliding parts, and reseal the neutral switch. All worn parts are replaced, such as rounded dogs, gears with pitted hardened faces, worn bushings, and worn out splined shafts and damaged sealing surfaces. All transmissions are bench tested. We have many transmissions to choose from, and almost every model 1951-1995 in stock and ready to ship. Send us your usable code for an exchange credit, or buy outright #scottiesworkshop #vintagebmwmotorcycles

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