Specializing in vintage and classic BMW motorcycles and Isetta.   

We also work on other years and makes. Please call us to discuss your needs!

Pick up and delivery available, local, statewide and nationwide.

Specializing in BMW R25 R26 R27 R50 R51 R50s R60 R67 R68 R69 R69s ISETTA
  • Chassis
  • Engine
  • Transmission and Final Drive
  • General Maintenance and  Repairs
  • Painting: lacquer and stripes
  • Restorations: complete, concourse quality frame-up restorations of /2 motorcycles
  • Pick up and delivery available up and down the West Coast, and nationwide
  • Sales of fine unrestored and expertly restored motorcycles. We ship anywhere.

Chassis Services

  • Measuring for damage, repairing/straightening
  • Wheel cleaning and building
  • Brake truing and relining
  • High performance /2 brake upgrades: levers, cables and linings
  • Disc brake upgrades
  • Earles fork and rear swing arms bearings adjustment, cleaning and replacement
  • Shock cartridge replacement
  • Magura bar upgrades/swaps, grips, cables, Magura lever bent lever repair and replacement
  • Hand and foot and other rubber bits replacement
  • Wiring loom maintenance; repairs
  • Denfeld and custom seating
  • Stainless Hardware upgrades

Engine Building

  • Complete engine services 
  • Head reconditioning, valve seats and seals
  • Cylinder boring and honing
  • Crank and slinger service
  • Differential Timing Issues corrected
  • Carburetor Adjustment and balancing

Performance Upgrades (give us a call!)

  • Sport Cams
  • Lightened Flywheels
  • Aluminum Crankwebs
  • Lightened Wrist Pins
  • Deep sump pans


  • Repairs
  • Rewiring
  • Bosch Voltage Regulator Calibration 
  • Upgrades  (12v conversions, digital voltage regulators, etc.)
  • LED Lighting Upgrades

Driveline Services

  • Transmission Services (swap cores or rebuild yours)
  • /5 eccentric shift fork upgrade
  • New transmission bushings (custom made)
  • U-joint replacement
  • Final Drive Rebuilding; spline renewal

Wheels; Tires

  • Wheel building and truing
  • Tires and tubes

General Repairs and Restorations

Seasonal maintenance 

Get your bike ready for summer riding or winter storage. Fresh fluids will keep cases clean and healthy.  We only use the highest quality lubricants. 

Carb adjustment, points and timing and some new spark plugs will make your bike easy to start and give it a smooth idle. If your carbs leak after you shut the bike down, maybe it's time for new floats and needle valves?  Is your bike hard to start warm?  Maybe your coil is heading south?  Does your bike have the shakes/wobble?  We'll find the fault and restore your steady steed to 100%.  Do you live in a part of the country where you store your bike in winter?  If so, consider sending or shipping your bike to us for major maintenance, such as slinger cleaning. Fly out to San Jose and ride the world famous local roads up to Alice's Restaurant or just hang out at the Workshop! 

Service recommendations

Not sure what your bike needs?  We'll examine it and document our recommendations in priority/safety order.  That way you can take get an idea of what is needed so you can handle the important stuff and maybe save the rest for a rainy day.

Buying a bike?  We provide comprehensive pre-purchase inspections anywhere in the Bay Area.

Full or partial restorations

Whether we're doing a small job or a big one on your bike, we will strive for perfection.  We will discuss the scope of your project and get a clear vision of what you want.  Some owners like to do it all at once. Some like to break up the work into phases.  Have it your way. 

We also offer cosmetic restorations featuring frame and body work painting and pinstriping, sealing and blasting aluminum cases and new OEM hardware (where available) or stainless hardware upgrades.

Upgrades and Farkles 

We install accessories and upgrades:
  • exhaust pipes
  • racks and luggage
  • handle bars
  • 12v conversion
  • /5/6/7 &c. engine conversions
  • LED lighting
  • modern brake shoe linings
  • Gel battery
  • RAM cell phone and camera mounts
  • And more...

Call or email Scottie for a free estimate.