Friday, August 03, 2012

BMW /2: Replacing the shock eye bushings (silent blocks)

I suggest that you remove the shock bolts and inspect your bushings. BMW calls them silent blocks.  If they look like this, then you're probably not getting the best suspension performance and there is a risk you can damage your shock body.

Bench Mark Works has them in stock. They aren't expensive. You need six: four in front, two in rear. 

A 15 mm Craftsman socket works well as a drift to push out the old spacer in a press or vice. Not much force is needed. 
Here, I'm pressing in the new bushing.  On the other side, I use two aluminum blocks. You could also use a large socket if you have one. 
The rear shock lower bushings are replaced with the shocks bushings with the shocks on the bike. I used a long bolt, a few fender washers and some sockets to press out the old bushing and press in the new ones. 

Overall, this is an inexpensive and worthwhile job to perform on your /2.  

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