Friday, August 02, 2013

Installing factory style wire ties

BMW used metal wire straps on several locations on the BMW /2 models. There are large ones and smaller ones.  Oftentimes these straps are missing.  I believe the stock locations are as follows.  There may also be a large strap on the right downtube to affix the clutch cable. I am seeking information from those who have original bikes or documentation on the location of these straps.  Please make a comment if you have any information.

The factory straps look like this.  I believe they were painted black.

Benchmark Works has reproduction straps in stock. They are very well made. They come unpainted. 

  • 61 11 8 070 114--$3.00--metal wire tie 135mm small
  • 61 11 8 070 118--$3.00--metal wire tie 180mm large

To discover how to make the strap "buckle" look the way the BMW factory did it, I unfolded a vintage strap.

Disecting the factory tie, notice that the strap is run through the "bottom" of the buckle and back down into the top of the buckle.  
The strap is cut near the top and then the buckle is pushed down, locking the strap, and hiding the cut end.

To re-create that, the new strap is put in place and the buckle part is lifted up.  The end is fed through the top slot, then back in the bottom slot and trimmed. Then the buckle can be folded down.

A pair of wire rolling pliers helps tighten up the strap.  I decided to use the straps unpainted and see how they hold up.

Unlike the rest of the harness, the engine ground and neutral indicator wire are held to the frame just fore of the rear fender with spring clips.

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