Monday, October 21, 2013

Removing botched up idle jets

Removing a mangled idle jet can be a pain.

To prevent damage to the soft brass jets, only install and remove them with a good quality screw driver that has a square tip in excellent condition.

My technique for removing mangled idle jets is to use an easy out. I like the "Micro-grabit" easy outs made by Alden Company.  They have a drill bit on one side and an easy out on the other side. I mount them in my drill press to keep it straight, and then turn the drill press by hand using the chuck key.

Mount the carb upside down in a drill press vice with soft jaws.

1. When setting the easy out into the hole you drilled in the remnants of the idle jet, release the return spring of the drill press (if your drill press permits) so that the weight of the quill assists you in inserting the easy out into the hole. Do not use the drill press motor.  Turn the drill chuck by hand using the chuck key or thumb wheel.

2. Once the easy out has a bite into the idle jet stub, raise the drill press quill slightly so that there is some upward tension lifting the weight of the carb and vice. Now lock the quill. This will keep some tension on the easy out and make it easier to remove the stub of the idle jet.

3. Once the stub of the idle jet is removed, mount an M4 x 0.7 tap in the drill press and start the tap in a few threads.  Remove the tap from the drill press and finish cleaning the threads by hand.

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