Sunday, March 08, 2015

Newsletter - March 2015

Hello Friends, 

Big Greetings from Scottie's Workshop!  I'm so very happy to be able to announce that we are super busy working on the most wonderful motorcycles and sidecars.  Thank you for your ongoing trust and patronage.

Please put the European Motorcycle Show on your calendar. It's March 26th at the Santa Clara Convention Center.  For more information see Included will be two shop project bikes for sale from Scottie's Workshop: an R69S with a full mechanical refresh, and our first "custom" bike build: "The Ultimate Vintage Touring Bike".  Both of these bikes will be available for sale. We are also working on bring a couple of VERY nice customer project bikes. 

Here's MORE big news!  We are in the process of moving the workshop to our new facility at 2102 Walsh, Santa Clara. In the photo below you can see we've marked out lines on the floor where we are going to install benches and counters.  

The next step is building a mezzanine level and then the benches, counters, etc.  If you enjoy cutting wood and swinging a hammer and want to help out, we sure would appreciate it!  I could also use some help running black iron compressed air lines and electrical conduit.  Reach out to me and I can tell you more.  

My goal with the new shop is to create my dream workshop and also create a fun and welcoming place for our friends and customers to hang out!  So, with that in mind, after the shop is mostly done, we are going to have a Grand Opening party - and you are invited! - so stay tuned for more information about the date. 

We've had a lot of great moments in the past few months.  Including....

...working on Barry's R67 and Howard's R68 (if Howard and Barry are cool with it, we are going to bring these guys to the European show.)

...restoring half a dozen vintage BMW motors, including Ken's '58 R50. 

...did not get around to cleaning my desk.  An empty desk is an empty mind.

We really enjoyed this project - Terry's Isetta 600 motor restoration. 

We are proud to announce that we have finished our fourth Duchess Series bike  - a 1968 R60/2

Here's a before photo. 
The "Duchess" series are bikes built by Scottie's Workshop where the restoration was carried out to a sublime level and every component on the bike is rebuilt or refurbished.  

Marco is really enjoying the R60/2 that he bought from Scottie's Workshop on consignment.  This bike was on Craigslist a few months ago.  Did you see it?

We have this fantastic R60/2 on Craigslist RIGHT NOW!  Asking $11500. 

At Scottie's Workshop, we specialize in restorations. 

Thank you again for your trust and patronage of Scottie's Workshop.  

Remember to set your clocks forward an  hour tonight!


Scottie Sharpe
Scottie's Workshop
Repairs, Maintenance and Restorations
Vintage BMW Motorcycles
2102 Walsh Ave. Suite H
Santa Clara CA 95050

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