Sunday, January 05, 2020

#Repost @iamthismotorcycle (@get_repost) ・・・ Just when you think you’re about to be discharged from hospital, the doctor shows up with your chart and reads you the riot act... Motorcycle maintenance is not just a process, it’s an art form. Then there’s knowledge: data as it’s now called. A fucking minefield of do and don’t, in theory, common practice, most people do , what you don’t want to do and the list goes on... What sets @scottiesharpedd apart from the rest is not just his vintage BMW knowledge of all factory settings and recommendations, it’s also the notion that he understands the rider. How different people come to the same machine yet each requires a very slightly different approach. To say he’s detail orientated is an understatement. But the art is knowing which route to take even if they all lead to the same destination. “Buy a BMW” they said, “They’re easy to work on and they’ll run forever.” Trudat, but getting it to run “right” requires time, patience, research and intuition. Scottie is not my guru. He’s a healer. From patient diagnosis to surgical processes. The outcome? Its art. Respect to all you mechanics out there, you do more than keep us rolling, you remind us of the commitment it takes to own, run and journey a motorcycle. #fixyourownshit . . . . . . #bmw #bmwmotorrad #bmwr60 #bmwr69s #mcmf #motorcyclestories #storytelling #motorcyclediaries #motorcyclemsintenance #classicmotorcycle #vintagemotorcycle #patienceisavirtue #takeyourtime #journeynotdestination #perfectionisamyth #lookafteryouranimals

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